Nikolina Okuka
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A pioneer in the world of Gem Art®, Nikolina Okuka showcases the unique medium of semi-precious stones through her work. Her works of art convey the very essence of our planet’s shell, encapsulating the origins of earthly and human memory.

Essence, origin, matter and sensibility are the characteristics of Okuka’s artwork. Her work involves a combination of raw and semi-precious materials, forming a thread that weaves into an opposition of smooth and rugged textures, creasing the surface with both brilliant and matt looks.

Her works are like landscapes seen from the skies. They combine raw and semi-precious materials. Veins and fractures in the composition are reminiscent of the mountain ranges and their faults. Watercourses that irrigate the Earth’s crust, represented with its undulating topography and uneven relief, are the veins of life. The Earth’s surface and its wrinkles are reminiscent of the skin of Mother Earth sheltering within Her bosom an abundant selection of precious stones, fine stones and crystals. Her creations feature stones through evolution on Earth from past to present. Analyzing gems is part and parcel of her artistic work. During her research, she study their evolution over time. The artist sheds a different light on stones and redefines their intrinsic beauty in her own way, compelling the viewer to focus on the essential.

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A coffee shop, an art gallery, a new facade signed STGM

The new facade of the Art Gallery uNo is mainly composed of stainless steel plates whose perforations were made from a work by Nikolina Okuka, which has been scanned and vectorized to cutting robots that produced the panels.

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